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Ethnologia Europaea vol. 45:2. Special issue: Rage, Anger and other Don'ts. Bendix, Regina F. (ed.)

In everyday life, emotions like rage, anger or frustration are not, generally, condoned. Indeed, a good part of the work of enculturation is devoted to managing social conduct so as to avoid or suppress emotions considered negative or unproductive. In the ethnographic literature, scrutiny of these kinds of emotional states and their expression is rare, not least because they reside somewhere between the individual and his or her cultural surrounds and are hard to pinpoint. 

Anthropology Matters Special Issue, Vol. 16, No. 1
edited by Brian Campbell, Maria Paz-Peirano, Carin Tunaker, and Caroline Bennet. We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of the journal Anthropology Matters is now out. This Anthropology Matters issue (Vol. 16, No. 1, 2015) includes pieces that were presented at the 2nd RAI Postgraduate Conference, held on 13 September 2012 at the University of Kent. the journal also has a redesigned website and a new visual style.

ASAonline Issue 10: Bodies for Sale. Pinguerismo and Negotiated Masculinity in Contemporary Cuba By Abel Sierra Madero.

Déjà Lu

This WCAA journal consists of reprints of articles (as chosen by their editors) from journals published by WCAA member associations and aims at pluralising the dissemination of anthropological knowledge on a global level. Read on...

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This section of the site is an archive of submissions by member associations to various governments, international bodies, etc. These may be useful to associations wishing to compose their own submissions on issues of concern to them (Royal commissions, new government policies with regard to issues like immigration, etc.).Please send your submissions to webweaver(at)wcaanet.org. Read more.