World Council of Anthropological Associations - WCAA

The World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA) is a network of national, regional and international associations that aims to promote worldwide communication and cooperation in anthropology.

Its primary objectives are:

Key activities in line with these objectives are:

WCAA Task Forces

These are non-profit organizations and global networks of anthropologists:
WCAA Ethics Task force

WCAA Advocacy and Outreach Activities Task Force


Members of both the WCAA and the IUAES have voted for a formalised collaboration between the two organisations. Both sets of members have also chosen the option of building a single bicameral organisation within which the WCAA and the IUAES will retain their autonomy and distinctiveness as separate chambers. Details of the chosen option are available here (PDF PDF); the draft constitution for the single bicameral organisation (World Anthropological Union, WAU) can be read constitution here; and the draft Operational Guidelines & Rules here.

WCAA membership

See which associations are members of the WCAA; or learn who is on the organising committee and who are the international delegates to the WCAA.

If your association is interested to join the WCAA, read further information here.

WCAA delegates at the WCAA biennial meeting in Taipei, Taiwan 2014

En sus propios términos /

フェアトレードを社会のなかに埋め込む by Arihiro Minoo. A new Japanese piece In one’s own terms, the World Council of Anthropological Associations’s (WCAA) initiative is online!

WCAA Delegates Meeting Ottawa May 2017

The Interim WCAA Delegates Meeting Minutes are available to download here. The meeting took place in Ottawa, Canada on 3 May 2017.

IUAES 2018

Call for panels are open until 15 Nov 2017.
Download the invites in:
English PDF
Portugese PDF
Spanish PDF
French PDF


The WCAA's eighth newsletter is available for download here.

WCAA supports...

See all members’ submissions and letters of support for members’ associations here

the protests against the US Travel Ban, read our statement in English and Spanish here

the efforts of the Central European University, Hungary, to continue their operations in Hungary unhindered. Read our statement to the Minister of Human Capacities here

statement of solidarity with the Polish Ethnological Society regarding discrimination here (the PES statement is here)

the academic freedom of ABA in Brazil. Read the letter to the Brazilian government here

efforts to release Homa Hoodfar from prison in Iran
Read the letter here

ABA position on Guarani, in letter to Brazilian President. Read the letter here