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Ethnologia Europaea. Journal of European Ethnology 45:1  (SIEF Journal)
Now available for purchase - both as print and e-journal - at Museum Tusculanum Press's website. Ethnologia Europaea is edited by Marie Sandberg and Regina F. Bendix

Printed journal http://www.mtp.hum.ku.dk/details.asp?ELN=300351
E‐journal http://www.mtp.hum.ku.dk/details.asp?ELN=300354

This issue opens with Katarzyna Wolanik Boström and Magnus Öhlander's inquiry into mobile physicians and their pragmatic use of proto-ethnographic insights so as to facilitate their day to day work with culturally diverse patients. Gabriella Nilsson uncovers how school nurses, too, habitually draw on their knowledge of class and family background while implementing normative medical guidelines on childhood obesity. Maria Zackariasson seeks to show how members in a faith-based youth organization experience and handle the pull and push of faith and peer group sociability. 

Ewa Klekot examines different traces and registers of memorialization of recent Polish history in two districts of Warsaw. Disciplinary memory is augmented through Konrad J. Kuhn's analysis of Swiss scholars' participation in the Europeanization of Volkskunde. With Laura Hirvi's observations among young Finnish artists in Berlin, the issue concludes with another set of transnationally mobile actors.

Déjà Lu

This WCAA journal consists of reprints of articles (as chosen by their editors) from journals published by WCAA member associations and aims at pluralising the dissemination of anthropological knowledge on a global level. Read on...

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These pages lists publications within the field of Anthropology. If you have a suggestion for a publication to add to the lists, please email webweaver(AT)wcaanet.org with the details of the journal: Title, publisher or associated organisation, language, type of access (Limited Fulltext, Open access, Print and Print Only), ISSN, url and logo.

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This section of the site is an archive of submissions by member associations to various governments, international bodies, etc. These may be useful to associations wishing to compose their own submissions on issues of concern to them (Royal commissions, new government policies with regard to issues like immigration, etc.).Please send your submissions to webweaver(at)wcaanet.org. Read more.