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About déjà lu

Déjà Lu ("Already read") is an initiative of the World Council of Anthropological Associations that aims at pluralizing the dissemination of anthropological knowledge on a global level. It is a journal that respects the academic decisions made by the reviewers of the author's community of origin to avoid the imposition of hegemonic international styles or canons.


The idea is simple: we republish articles selected by the journals of the associations members of the WCAA (and other relevant journals in the field) and give them global visibility by means of our international networks.


How Déjà Lu works

Editors select one article they have already published and send a pdf copy with the title and one abstract in English (mandatory) and in any other language (optional), and indicate that we have permission to republish it on the WCAA website. The article can be on any anthropological topic. If they wish, journals or authors may translate their texts into English and we will publish the translation (Déjà Lu will, however, not be responsible for the quality of the translation). If texts have originally been published in English, this too is fine, and is not a barrier to their being republished in Déjà Lu. We publish the Déjà Lu e-volume on the WCAA webpage for free.


Your support

This project depends on the participation of the WCAA membership. In fact your participation is crucial. We are sure that we will receive your standing support and cooperation since the existence of a journal like Déjà Lu is an old longing of anthropologists.


Déjà Lu co-editors


If you have any queries, please be in touch with us!