The World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA) is a network of national and international associations that aims to promote worldwide communication and cooperation in anthropology.

Its primary objectives are:

Key activities in line with these objectives are:

Déjà Lu

The second issue of Déjà Lu is out: 24 open access articles from 22 of our member's journals are available as PDFs or online articles. Read them now!

WCAA Task Forces

These are non-profit organizations and global networks of anthropologists:
WCAA Ethics Task force

WCAA Advocacy and Outreach Activities Task Force


The blog can potentially serve as a world forum for anthropologists' debates. It's open to everyone. Add comments or better still, write your own piece on any anthropological topic, email it to cmgordon(at), and we’ll post it.


See which associations are members of the WCAA; or learn who is on the organising committee and who are the international delegates to the WCAA.

If your association is interested to join the WCAA, read further information here.

WCAA statement on ebola

This aims to facilitate communication between governments of affected countries, international and local health organizations, and anthropologists with relevant knowledge and expertise. (PDF)


The WCAA and IUAES are working towards a strategic alliance. Read more about this process (PDF).

World Anthropologies

Video messages from:
- the WCAA President
- Presidents of some member associations

Short film: "The foundation of World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA)"

Member submissions

A new archive dedicated to member association submissions to public enquiries, etc.
Read the Australian Society's submission to the National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention.

ASF established

(((ASF))) Antropologos Sem Fronteiras has now been setup. Visit their website to learn more, volunteer and/or submit a project.