The World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA) is a network of national, regional and international associations that aims to promote worldwide communication and cooperation in anthropology.

Its primary objectives are:

Key activities in line with these objectives are:

WCAA Task Forces

These are non-profit organizations and global networks of anthropologists:
WCAA Ethics Task force

WCAA Advocacy and Outreach Activities Task Force


The WCAA and IUAES are working towards a strategic partnership. Two proposals, reflecting different models for cooperation have been jointly produced by the WCAA and IUAES executives and offered for discussion to the WCAA Delegates and IUAES members at the 2016 WCAA Biennial Meeting and IUAES Intercongress. They are available here (PDF PDF) and please view the draft WAU constitution here.

WCAA membership

See which associations are members of the WCAA; or learn who is on the organising committee and who are the international delegates to the WCAA.

If your association is interested to join the WCAA, read further information here.

WCAA delegates at the WCAA biennial meeting in Taipei, Taiwan 2014

En sus propios términos

Esta iniciativa del Consejo Mundial de Asociaciones de Antropología (WCAA) busca crear un canal para que las Antropologías del Mundo se expresen en sus propios idiomas. Lee mas..

WCAA newsletter

The WCAA's fifth newsletter is available for download here.

WCAA Biennial Meeting in Dubrovnik

The 2016 WCAA Biennial Meeting was held in Dubrovnik, and the meeting materials may be downloaded here.
Meeting Agenda; WCAA-IUAES partnership proposals;Chair's Report; GSAP Report; IUAES2016 Programme; Travel tips; WCAA Panel Stream.

Déjà lu
Issue 4

The 2016 Spring Issue of our popular anthology is now available: read 36 articles for free, courtesy of WCAA.

WCAA newsletter

The WCAA's fourth quarterly newsletter is available for download here.

WCAA supports...

See all members’ submissions and letters of support for members’ associations here

the academic freedom of ABA in Brazil. Read the letter to the Brazilian government here

efforts to release Homa Hoodfar from prison in Iran
Read the letter here

ABA position on Guarani, in letter to Brazilian President. Read the letter here

efforts to restore the Brazilian National Research Council's funding for the journal Vibrant
Read the letter here

efforts to prevent staff cuts at the School of Culture, History & Language at the Australian National University's College of Asia and the Pacific. Read the letter to the Chancellor, VC and Dean here